Best applications for raspberry pi 3

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Best applications for raspberry pi 3

The Raspberry Pi has proved to be a phenomenal hit with hobbyists around the world. Originally conceived to get children into computer programming, it was quickly adopted by hobbyists due to its cheap price and GPIO output pins.

Indeed, initial demand was unprecedented and supplies were limited for some time after launch and this still continues after each new version is released. The purpose of this article is to show you what can already be achieved and give you some ideas, rather than detail how to achieve each use! Hopefully this article will encourage you to get started with the Pi. This cheap price in part helps makes the Pi a compelling platform for hobbyists looking to experiment with.

Raspbian — Operating System specially design for the Raspberry Pi hardware.

best applications for raspberry pi 3

There is a distribution of Linux especially for the Pi called Raspbian and this comes with enough software to get you started. These devices can collect information and can be controlled by software which you can install or even write on the Pi. Suddenly the potential for real world ham radio applications seems endless! These are pre-assembled and are designed to be the same size as the Pi to make mounting easier.

This is a great way to get started quickly. This is easily done within the FLDigi configuration. People are experimenting with the Pi and rig control to allow for TX as well, although this is not something I have experience of just yet. You can receive between 25MHz up to around MHz using this dongle, not too shabby.

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You of course need to connect your Pi to your home network somehow, you have two choices here either using a WiFi separate dongle needed or via Ethernet cable. I would recommend the hardwired cable route if possible to minimise drop outs.

One important note is that it outputs a square wave which necessitates a low pass filter.

best applications for raspberry pi 3

You will also want to use a regulated power supply with it to ensure additional frequency stability. This is probably the easiest Raspberry Pi project you can undertake. The Pi bridges the gap from RF to the internet, without you requiring any local repeaters that support DV to be in range. This is a great use for a cheap Pi computer, now you can join the digital voice revolution without waiting for your local repeater technology to catch up!

This allows you to track the aircraft in your area and track their progress in real time, pretty cool! Check out the PiRotator project. The Pi can be easily turned into a retro arcade machine to play all of the classic games from your youth.

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The RetroPie project gives you everything you need to run games from a whole host of different gaming platforms. You can turn the Pi into a complete media centre, capable of playing a dizzying array of video file types stored locally on a hard drive and even allows you to stream video using popular services such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The software is known as Kodi previously XBMC and can run a myriad of add on applications to add a ton of functionality. The Raspberry Pi and Arduino revolution are leading the way at the moment and the limits are only your imagination in what can be done. This new part of our hobby has a lot of scope for bringing in more of the Maker community into our hobby and will inject new ideas and passion, that is much needed.The Raspberry Pi is not limited to Raspbian, which is the official distribution but is far from being the only one.

What is the best distribution for Raspberry Pi? There are dozens of operating systems available on Raspberry Pi, and there is not a perfect distribution. Each distribution has its strengths and weaknesses and is more suited to a specific use. Raspbian is the official distribution of Raspberry Pi Based on Debian it is built on the same philosophy, i. Many Debian packages are available on Raspberry Pi. I put it first in this ranking because it has many advantages, such as compatibility, reliability and adaptability to most beginner projects Raspbian works well on any Raspberry Pi model.

Raspbian is available on the official website To install it, you can check my step-by-step tutorial here. Ubuntu quickly became the most used Linux distribution in the world Based on Debian, this distribution runs on a shorter development cycle and therefore provides the latest news much earlier than Debian.

I put this distribution in second because it is for me a work environment more attractive and more up to date than Raspbian. But with less stability and a smaller community on Raspberry Pi It remains a perfect distribution to start. Retropie is a well-known distribution, which allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming console Built on Raspbian, it gives you the possibility to play old games from classic PC to N64 games.

For a better experience, you can even add a controller like on SNES and enjoy a game as if you were back to childhood! Pre-made images for the Raspberry Pi are available here During writing Retropie was not yet available for Raspberry Pi 4but it will probably happen soon I also have a few posts about Retropie that you can check to learn more:.

Manjaro is available on Raspberry Pi 4and I highly recommend using it to enjoy this system in graphic mode You can download the system images here And I have a step-by-step tutorial available here for this system. A Retro-gaming system on Raspberry Pi Like Retropie you have many emulators available on it and can install your games easily.

If you want to discover this retro-gaming system, you can read my tutorial here on how to install and use Lakka Downloads links are on the official website here. Do you know Mr. Kali Linux is the best penetration testing distribution with many security tools for all kind of purposes :. Behind Kali Linux, we find Offensive Security, a major security trainer and pen-testing provider They have funded and maintained this distribution, formerly known as Backtrackto become a reference in the security market.

If you want to go deeper, you can read my post about 15 steps to start with Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi. The download image is available here You have to scroll to the Raspberry Pi Foundation part Raspberry Pi 4 is fully supported now.

As you can see on the picture, Kano OS is a distribution dedicated for kids Kano is a manufacturer selling computer kits for school or kids, to teach them how a computer works But they also provide a free open-source operating system to install on a Raspberry Pi.

The Kano website provides many resources to help you start with this distribution If you want to make a try, you can download OS and books from this page. If you are interested in the proposed kits, you will find them on Amazon click here to check the computer Kit for example.

Gentoo is not a beginner in the Linux world. For this distribution, I prefer to redirect you to the Gentoo wiki page for Raspberry Pi to get the full installation procedure, including downloads.

Here is a short video overview of this system not the latest version, but you will understand the concept :. DietPi is a recent distribution created in I think with an image size under 1G 1. You can find all the details about the DietPi installation in my guide here And download the system on the official website For information, DietPi is working on Raspberry Pi 4. If you are interested, you can read the entire story hereor download the image on this page.

Fedora is a popular Linux distribution, based on RedHatwith something like 1. If you want to give a try, you can read my step-by-step installation guide here Or download the images on the official website Fedora is not yet compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4.What are the best apps for Raspberry Pi?

This list was created according to my needs after two days of use of the Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer. Synaptic is the Debian package manager. The old-school default desktop environment was not for me. Guake is a terminal which works like any terminal But you can call it with a key, and hit hide with the same key So if you hit F12 the drop-down terminal come in the foreground, if you hit F12 again the terminal disappears but keeps running.

Terminator is a multiple terminals manager that allows you to add and close terminals in a grid Guake is good for one command running behind, but Terminator is useful during active work.

For example, if you install WordPress on your Raspberry Pi or whereveryou could have a window displaying logs, one in the apache folder for the configuration and another in the www folder for wordpress configuration. You can resize any windows Simultaneous typing is also possible, as well as grid export. Ok, but why should I install Vivaldi rather than Chromium or Firefox? I was not able to make this choice. It will depend on your needs and habits. Anyway, I think you could use the browser you want.

17 best Raspbian apps to use a Raspberry Pi as a Desktop PC

If I had used the Raspberry Pi as my computer longer, I would have taken the browser on which I have all my preferences saved in the cloud bookmarks, extensions, passwords, …. I usually prefer webmail like Gmail or Outlook. If you use services not listed in the default Empathy selection, try to search the community for additional plugins Or maybe you could use another software like Pidgin. In the advanced settings, you could manage exciting things like default actions on transfer, concurrents transfers or speed limits.

Deluge is a tool to download torrents on your Raspberry Pi Torrent is a protocol to download files. The download will start. Deluge and Raspberry is an exciting couple. And the web interface will be great for that.

Take a media file. QMMP does just what we need: play music, with playlist management and equalizer options It has a look close to Winamp for those who know. If you have an account, maybe you could use the online version on your Raspberry Pi But if you are looking for installed software, LibreOffice will do the job.The Raspberry Pi single-board computer and all its variants have captured the imaginations of DIY enthusiasts and budding hobbyists alike.

And for good reason! There are near-endless practical uses for this bare-bones kit, from media streaming to extending the range of your Wi-Fi network, as the following 10 projects demonstrate. That allure may have waned a bit in recent years as dedicated devices like the Chromecast hit the streets at similarly low prices, but using a Raspberry Pi as a media-streaming box still offers far more power than those streaming-centric sticks, especially if you have a sizeable local media collection.

With the right case, the Pi can look downright stylish in your home theater, too. You can also have your Raspberry Pi play wingman for the other devices in your house, serving as a centralized device that performs helpful tasks.

This MakeUseOf tutorial walks you through the process step-by-step. Doing so can help your Wi-Fi signal reach the farthest corners of your house and help wipe out dead zones. It can play games from a wide variety of consoles right on up to the PlayStation 1 era if you manage to snag some legal game ROMs, though the older the system being emulated, the better the performance. Check out PCWorld's complete guide to turning your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming console for the full scoop.

Numerous operating systems have also been released that transform the device into a high-fidelity music player when connected to a speaker, sort of like a more powerful, flexible version of Chromecast Audio. The various music-oriented OSes available offer different features; poke around the FAQs and features of each to see which is right for your needs. You could always use the Raspberry Pi as it was originally intended, too: As a low-cost introduction to programming and computer science.

Get smart! Or you could play Minecraft. Download Minecraft: Pi Edition and jump in with this helpful tutorial. Also check out our roundup of the best Raspberry Pi 3 kits. All Slides. Practical Pi projects. HTPC media streaming. Give a dumb TV smarts.

File storage server. Wireless network printer. Extend your home's Wi-Fi network. Old-school gaming emulator.

best applications for raspberry pi 3

A music streaming machine. Learn programming. Play Minecraft. Crazy awesome experiments. Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. See larger image. File storage server You can also have your Raspberry Pi play wingman for the other devices in your house, serving as a centralized device that performs helpful tasks.

Learn programming You could always use the Raspberry Pi as it was originally intended, too: As a low-cost introduction to programming and computer science.

Play Minecraft Or you could play Minecraft. Michael Teeuw. Next Up: Check out these related slideshows. The monstrous, momentous PC hardware of Computex Raspberry Pi has a wide range of IDEs that provide programmers with good interfaces to develop source code, applications and system programs.

The Raspberry Pi, a tiny single-board computer, has revolutionised the way in which computer science is being taught in schools. It has also turned out to be a boon for software developers. Currently, it has gained popularity much beyond its target market and is being used in robotics projects.

Raspberry Pi, a small development board minicomputer that runs the Linux operating system, was developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools in the UK and in developing countries. Raspberry Pi has USB sockets, which support various peripheral plug-and-play devices like the keyboard, the mouse, the printer, etc.

Its credit-card-like size makes it extremely portable and affordable.

Top 10 Apps You Should Install on Your Raspberry Pi

It requires just a 5V micro-USB power supply, similar to the one used to charge a mobile phone. Over the years, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a few different versions of the Pi board. In FebruaryRaspberry Pi 3 Model B was launched, which is currently the main product available. In the near future, a model that has improved technical specifications will arrive, offering a robust platform for embedded systems enthusiasts, researchers, hobbyists and engineers to use it in multi-functional ways to develop real-time applications.

The Raspbian operating system comes with tons of free and open source utilities for users, covering programming, gaming, applications and even education. The official programming language of Raspberry Pi is Python, which comes preloaded with the Raspbian operating system. The combination of Raspberry Pi and IDLE3, a Python integrated development environment, enables programmers to develop all sorts of Python based programs.

In addition to Python, various other languages are supported by Raspberry Pi. A number of IDEs integrated development environments that are free and open source are also available. These allow programmers, developers and application engineers to develop programs and applications on Pi. As a programmer and developer, the first thing you require is an IDE, which is regarded as a comprehensive software suite that integrates the basic tools that developers and programmers require to write, compile and test their software.

An IDE contains a code editor, a compiler or interpreter and a debugger, which the developer can access via a graphical user interface GUI. One of the main aims of an IDE is to reduce the configuration necessary to piece together multiple development utilities, and provide the same set of capabilities as a cohesive unit. Some IDEs are dedicated to a particular programming language, allowing a feature set that matches the programming language, while some support multiple languages.

It also supports short software development projects. BlueJ provides an efficient way for learning object-oriented programming concepts and the GUI provides a class structure for applications like UML diagram.

Every OOPS based concept, like class, objects and function calling, can be represented via interaction based design. The unique thing about Geany is that it is designed to be independent of a special desktop environment and requires only a few dependencies on other packages.

It only requires GTK2 runtime libraries for execution. Adafruit WebIDE provides a Web based interface for Raspberry Pi users to perform programming functions, and allows developers to compile the source code of various languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript and many others. AlgoIDE is a combination of a scripting language and an IDE environment, designed to function together to take programming to the next paradigm. It incorporates a powerful debugger, real-time scope explorer and executes the code, step by step.

It is basically designed for all age groups to design programs and do extensive research on algorithms. It is regarded as a cross-platform IDE software, especially designed to build Python based applications.

How to Create Raspberry Pi GUIs Using Visual Studio

Ninja IDE is very lightweight and performs various functions like file handling, code locating, going to lines, tabs, automatic indentation of code and editor zoom. Apart from Python, several other languages are supported by this IDE. Hess in February It inherits three primary features—compilation speed, execution speed and cross-compilation. This IDE consists of the Lazarus component library, which provides varied facilities to developers in the form of a single and unified interface with different platform-specific implementations.

Codeblock IDE is highly intelligent and performs various functions like Syntax highlighting, code folding, code completion and indentation, and has a number of external plugins for varied customisations.But what can you use it for? I spent seven days writing and editing on the Pi, with interesting results.

Read More! Have an old printer that you really like using, but which cannot be connected to wirelessly?

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All you need is a Raspberry Pi connected to your home network, and some print server software. The Common Unix Printing System provides drivers for your printer and provides an administration console.

Once this is set up, configure the Pi to ensure any computers on your home network can access the printer. Note that this really depends on your printer having a USB cable. The above project only takes things so far.

Although printing is available natively on iOS devices, Android tablets and phones will require a dedicated app. Most new printers offer support for printing from mobile devices. With a Raspberry Pi, you can extend this functionality to older printers! If you prefer to keep your Raspberry Pi available for other projects, however, Kodi can simply be installed on Raspbian. It can also be added to retro gaming systems see below. Installing Kodi comes with some caveats, however.

Not all add-ons are available, and of those that are, many will be intended to stream pirated content. As such, we recommend you only install safe and legal add-ons from the official Kodi repositories 7 Security and Privacy Issues to Consider With a Kodi Media Box As more and more people make the decision to cancel their cable TV packages and cut the cord, Kodi continues to grow in popularity.

But is it as secure as you think? Read More. As with any device, a Raspberry Pi running Kodi is vulnerable to some security issues. These 7 awesome RetroPie game stations can all be built in a weekend with hard work and a Raspberry Pi.You are here, means you already got the latest and fastest-in-class little computer — Raspberry Pi 3. Now, what next? Well, you all know that Raspberry Pi 3 does not come with an Operating System in it.

Today, we will see the best Raspberry PI 3 Operating Systems which will let you getting started in the amazing world of Pi. Check out the list below and get your suitable OS version for your exquisite device. Yes, it is true, the Raspbian is the best OS for the Pi 3, and it is official too. You just need to dump the image file of the Raspbian on your SD card to install it on Pi 3.

Though you may be a little bit confused person while using Raspbian if you are a first time user of Linux, it is the most popular Pi 3 OS in the world in which you will also get an enjoyable experience. If you bought the Pi 3 for coding and programming specifically, then the Windows 10 IoT Core is the best option to go with. It is not built on Linux and does not support the electronic prototype projects, but it is a whole new concept of OS which works on its own.

So, if you are a curious type person and want to play around with your Pi, then you should try this Operating System. Anyone here who own a computer and do not have installed any game on it? I think the answer is negative because everyone loves games.

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Some are addicted to it while some play games just for having some relaxing time. No matter what, but if you want to play games on your Raspberry Pi, then the Retro Pi is the platform you will need to enjoy at full pace. Currently, it is the easiest software to use with Pi device for a media center option.

It is the best for the general users who are beginners in the technical field and who are new to the media centers.

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It uses a XFCE classic graphical environment which is lightweight. It comes with the main Linux software. You can download it directly or can get it on an SD card. It will give you full control over your Pi device.

Its simple base structure will provide you with the access of shaping the system according to your needs. Most of the Pi users still stick to the Raspbian, but the new and advanced Operating Systems are giving a tough competition to it. Mainly due to its buggy and sluggish behavior. And one of these latest Operating Systems is New Pidora The Snappy Ubuntu is aimed at clouds and devices and is a lighter version of the well-known Ubuntu OS.


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